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Article 3:

The Dramatic Effects of Pitot-Static System
Blockages and Failures

Example: The aircraft descends from 10,000 ft to 9,000 ft while maintaining airspeed.
Prior to the descent the ram air and static port became obstructed by ice.

A comprehensive look into Pitot-static system blockages and failures. Click here for article.


Article 2:

Mentally Calculating the Wind
Correction Angle (Crab Angle)

  (a)   (b)  

Example:    Visualizing a left head wind using an analog (a) and digital (b) HSI instrument.

A skill that gives a huge advantage to the instrument pilot, is the ability to mentally estimate, in flight, the wind correction angle (WCA) also known as crab angle. Learn techniques that make this possible. Click here for article.


Article 1:

Bank Angle and the Physics of Standard Rate Turns

Example: Aircraft banking (lift components and weight forces)

This article covers standard rate turns, the math and some of the physics behind them. It also looks at the "rule of thumb" (mental calculation) methods that pilots use to estimate the bank angle required to achieve a standard rate turn. In addition, it examines how precise are these approximations when compared to an exact formula. A basic knowledge of algebra and trigonometry is required. Click here for article.

























  Navigation Simulator  
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  Free Online Simulators
No installation required. These simulators are ready to run on your web browser and have a rich set of features. Practice basic VOR, ADF, RMI and HSI intrument orientation and execute holding patterns. Other simulators include pitot static system and altimeter errors. Click here to go to main online simulator page.
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