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   Radius of Action
   Returning to Alternate Base
  Beyond your average e6b:
Visualize results of radius of actions calculations
Radius of Action Returning to Alternate Base
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This program calculates the distance (radius of action) and necessary headings and time to fly before having to return to an alternate base that is at a certain distance and bearing from the fixed base of departure given wind conditions and the fuel time available.

Note: Radius of Action Calculations are also known as Point of Safe Return Calculations (PSR).

Input data in the white colored fields in the desired unit column and press "Calculate". Results will then be displayed along with a visual representation. If inputs are invalid then no results or visual representations will be displayed.

For a random example click on "Test" and then "Calculate". You may click "Test" as many times as you wish to generate an infinite amount of examples.

To clear all fields press "Reset".

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Units and Abbreviations
Length or Distance
Nm -  nautical miles
km -  kilometers
sm -  statute miles
knots -  knots (Nm/h)
km/h -  kilometers per hour
sm/h -  statute miles per hour
h or hr(s) -  hour(s)
m or min(s) -  minute(s)
s or sec(s) -  second(s)
o degrees 


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