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Online Aviation Instrument Simulators + E6b, CR3 and other Flight Computer Calculators
Welcome to the presentations section. Here you will find a wide range of tutorials for the website and our products as well as other aviation related materials. Note: These presentations are several megabytes. A broadband internet connection is highly recommended)

Online Instrument Simulators

  Compact Instrument Simulator (Pro)    
    Main Parts 6:37 8 MB
    Keyboard Control 6:54 10 MB
    Options Bar 1 12:27 18 MB
    Options Bar 2 6:08 8 MB
    Options Bars 3-5 8:45 10 MB
  VOR Simulator Version 3    
    Holding Pattern Demonstration 13:00 17 MB
  HSI Simulator Version 3    
    Holding Pattern Demonstration 12:00 17 MB

These simulators are available for free online at the Online Simulators section.

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  Compact Instrument Simulator (Lite)    
    Overview - Part 1 10:43 16 MB
    Overview - Part 2 7:36 11 MB

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    Navigation Simulator
Quick Start


    What you need to know to start now! 04:00 7.5 MB
    What is instrument navigation? 04:00 7.5 MB
    What is the navigation simulator? 01:03 0.6 MB
    Overview 01:53 4.8 MB
    Downloading and installing 03:05 4.0 MB
    Choosing version and resizing 01:53 4.4 MB
    Simulator parts 06:33 6.3 MB
  Using the Simulator    
    Choosing instrument panels 00:48 1.4 MB
    Positioning aircraft and navaids I 06:31 9.9 MB
    Positioning aircraft and navaids II 02:06 3.2 MB
    Positioning aircraft vertically 01:35 2.5 MB
    Glass panel settings I 05:24 7.2 MB
    Glass panel settings II 02:50 4.5 MB
    Analog panel settings I 02:29 3.8 MB
    Analog panel settings II 01:22 2.2 MB
    Chronometer and flight time 01:23 2.1 MB
    DME 01:42 2.5 MB
    Keyboard control I 06:27 12.1 MB
    Keyboard control II 02:57 6.2 MB
    NAV / Navaid settings 09:48 14.3 MB
    Options menu I 13:09 21.6 MB
    Options menu II 12:27 18.7 MB
    Options menu III 14:33 21.1 MB
  Other / Additional Features    
    Loading, saving to files and memory 04:06 5.9 MB
    Dual panel and instrument zoom 01:43 5.0 MB
  * Customizing keyboard shortcuts 05:22 8.8 MB
  * Customizing units of measurement 03:14 4.7 MB

* New in version 1.13

This simulator is available at our e-store page. It is now free!



  Navigation Simulator  
  Practice in our simulator specifically designed for learning the basics of instrument navigation. Try the Navigation Simulator, available for Windows PC. Now completely free. There is also an online version that runs directly on this website, and can be viewed on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux OS. Note: the Windows PC version of the simulator has its own self-contained Flash, so it works without Flash being installed and is not subject to the Adobe Flash discontnuation / end of life.  



  Free Online Simulators
No installation required. These simulators are ready to run on your web browser and have a rich set of features. Practice basic VOR, ADF, RMI and HSI intrument orientation and execute holding patterns. Other simulators include pitot static system and altimeter errors. Click here to go to main online simulator page.
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