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  Conversion Calculators
  Weight & Force Area
  Mass Power
  Distance & Length Energy & Work
  Temperature Flow (Volume)
  Time Flow (Mass)
  Speed Angle
  Pressure & Load Acceleration
  Supplemental Information

  Names and Symbols of Multipliers Scientific Notation and E notation
  Help Coversions Disclaimer

Weight & Force



  [kg] or [kp]
  [ton (short)]
  [ton (Metric)]
  [IMP ton (long)]




  [ton (Metric)]
  [IMP ton (long)]
  [ton short)]
  [dram (avoir)]
  [dram (apoth)]


Distance & Length



    [nm] (nano)
  [km] or [klick]
  [yard] or [yd]
  [sm] or [mile]
  [Planck dist.]
  [Bohr radius]

                Breakdown error: [in]           Use yards




  [oF] [oC]  [oR]
  [K] [oDe] [oN] 
  [oRé] [oRø] [eV]
    [KeV] [MeV]  


[years (tropical)]
[years (Gregorian)]
[years (Julian)]
[years (common)]
Time     y   s
        Breakdown error:





Pressure & Load



    [Pa] or [N/m2]
  [torr] or [mm Hg]
  [hPa] or [mbar]
  [in Hg]
  [in H2O]




  [IMP gal]
  [US gal]
  [fl oz]
  [IMP oz]
  [barrels of oil]








  [hp (Metric)]
  [ft x lb/s]
  [ft x lb/min]

Energy & Work




Flow (Volume)



  [US gal/s]
  [IMP gal/s]
  [US gal/min]
  [IMP gal/min]
  [US gal/hr]
  [IMP gal/hr]   [qt/hr]

Flow (Mass)







    [deg] or [o]
    [arcmin] or [ ' ]
    [arcsec] or [ " ]

          [o]   [ ' ]   [ " ]    





Supplemental Information



Names and Symbols of Multipliers

The SI (International System of Units) prefixes are used to form decimal multiples and sub multiples of SI units (see left table below). The number names show the corresponding names for each multiplier used in the english language (see right table below).

SI Power Prefixes
Prefix Symbol Multiplier
yotta Y 1024
zetta Z 1021
exa E 1018
peta P 1015
tera T 1012
giga G 109
mega M 106
kilo k 103
hecto h 102
deka da 101
deci d 10-1
centi c 10-2
milli m 10-3
micro µ 10-6
nano n 10-9
pico p 10-12
femto f 10-15
atto a 10-18
zepto z 10-21
yocto y 10-24
Number Names
USA UK Multiplier
septillion quadrillion 1024
sextillion trilliard 1021
quintillion trillion 1018
quadrillion billiard 1015
trillion billion 1012
billion milliard 109
million million 106
thousand thousand 103
hundred hundred 102
ten ten 101
tenth tenth 10-1
hundredth hundredth 10-2
thousandth thousandth 10-3
millionth millionth 10-6
septillionth milliardth
sextillionth billionth
quadrillionth billiardth 10-15
quintillionth trillionth 10-18
sextillionth trilliardth 10-21
septillionth quadrillionth 10-24

Scientific Notation and E notation

Scientific notation is the way to easily handle very large numbers or very small numbers. E notation is a variation of this and is used in computers, calculators and this web page.

Example 1:
Ordinary decimal notation: 100
Scientific notation: 1 x 102 or 1.00 x 102 (sometimes zeros are left to define precision)
E notation: 1e2 or 1.00e2 (sometimes zeros are also left to define precision)

Example 2:
Ordinary decimal notation: 1000
Scientific notation: 1 x 103 or 1.000 x 103 (sometimes zeros are left to define precision)
E notation: 1e3 or 1.00e3 (sometimes zeros are also left to define precision)

Example 3:
Ordinary decimal notation: 0.100160
Scientific notation: 1.0061 x 10-1 or 1.00160 x 10-1 (sometimes zeros are left to define precision)
E notation: 1.0016e-1 or 1.00160e-1 (sometimes zeros are also left to define precision)

Example 4:
Ordinary decimal notation: 0.0002
Scientific notation: 2 x 10-4
E notation: 2e-4

Help / How to Use


Using this Conversions Page

Unlike many other conversions tools on the web, this page offers a very fast and comprehensive set javascript-based converters. No need to select from cumbersome drop-down menus. Get units simultaneous converted for a particular category of measurement.


Convert the weight of 150 pounds to kilograms:

Step 1:
  Highlight the current value inside the box corresponding to the unit you have to convert. In this case it is pounds (lbs).  

Step 2:
  Type in 150 over the highlighted value and instantly read the answer for kilograms (kg). It shows 68.038855 which you can round up as you wish. So if you would like to round it to the nearest pound the answer will be 68 kilograms. In order to leave the precision up to the user, several digits will always be displayed for the results. Notice you get all the other units as well!  

Note that all the unit abbreviations are shown on the right vertical column of this page.



Terms of Use for this Conversions Page

Your use of this web site or of any content presented in any and all areas of the web site indicates your acknowledgment and agreement to our Terms of Use and Disclaimer. Disclaimer We have done our best to make sure these conversions are both accurate and correct, but we take no responsibility for any inaccurate or incorrect conversions produced by this site. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information contained on, downloaded or accessed from this web site. As a visitor to our web site, you acknowledge and agree that any reliance on or use by you of any information available on this web site shall be entirely at your own risk. In no event shall luizmonteiro.com be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or exemplary damages arising from the use or the performance of this web site.

On our conversion calculators, luizmonteiro.com has used its best efforts to provide accurate results. Browser, computer and other software differences may affect the accuracy of our conversions. Additionally rounding errors limit the accuracy of the conversions as well.

Please see also our disclaimer page for a complete disclaimer for our site.

If you find any errors, kindly notify us at the email below:


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Units and Abbreviations
Weight and Force
lbs -  pounds
kg or kp -  kilogram or kilopond
oz -  ounce
g -  gram
drams -  drams
N or Newton -  Newton
ton (short) -  short ton
ton (Metric) -  Metric ton
IMP ton (long) -  Imperial ton or long ton
dyn or dyne -  dyne
poundal -  poundal
kilonewtons or kN-  kilonewtons
kg kilograms
g grams
lb pounds
oz ounce
slug slug
lbt pound troy
ton (Metric) Metric ton
IMP ton (long) imperial ton (long)
ton (short) ton (short)
ozt ounce troy
ct carat
grain or gr -  grain troy
u atomic mass units
dram (avoir) dram (avoirdupois) 
dram (apoth) dram (apothecary)
Length or Distance
nm -  nanometer  
µm -  micrometer  
mm -  millimeters
cm -  centimeter
m -  meters
km or klick-  kilometer
point or p -  point
pica or P̸ -  pica  
in -  inches
ft -  feet
yd or yard -  yard
sm -  statute mile
link or li -  link  
rd -  rod or pole
chain -  chain
furlong -  furlong  
league -  league
fathom -  fathom
cable or cb -  cable
Nm -  Nautical miles
mil -  mil or thou
μm or micron -  micron or micrometer
French or Fr -  French  
twip -  twip or twentieth of a point
Planck or lP Planck distance (length)
Angstrom or Å -  Angstrom
Bohr radius -  Bohr radius or a0
parsec -  parsec  
AU -  Astronomical Unit
ly -  light year
light-min -  light-minute
light-sec -  light second 
light-milisec -  light-milisecond
light-microsec -  light-microsecond 
light-nanosec -  light-nanosecond
oF -  degrees Fahrenheit 
oC -  degrees Celsius 
oR -  degrees Rankine 
K -  Kelvin 
oDe -  degrees Delisle 
oN -  degrees Newton 
oRé -  degrees Réaumure 
Rø -  degrees Rømer
eV -  electron Volt
KeV -  kilo electron Volt
MeV -  mega electron Volt
y or yr(s) -  year(s)
d or day(s) -  day(s)
h or hr(s) -  hour(s)
m or min(s) -  minute(s)
s or sec(s) -  second(s)
m/s -  meters per second
knot(s) or kts-  knot(s) or (Nm/h)
km/h -  kilometers per hour
sm/h -  statute miles per hour
ft/s -  feet per second
cm/s -  centimeter per second
sm/s -  statute miles per second
m/min -  meters per minute
ft/minute -  feet per minute
cm/minute -  centimeters per minute
Nm/min -  Nautical miles per minute
km/min -  kilometers per minute
sm/min -  statute mile per minute
km/s -  kilometers per second
Pa or N/m2 Pascal
atm -  atmospheres
bar bar
lbf /in2 or psi -  pounds per square inch
mmHg -  millimeters of mercury
torr -  torr (Torricelli)
hPa -  hectopascal
mbar -  millibar
inHg -  inches of mercury
inH2O -  inches of water
lbf /m2 or lbs/m2 pounds per square meter
lbf /ft2 or lbs/ft2 pounds per square foot 
lbf /cm2 or lbs/cm2 pounds per square centimeter
kgf /m2 or kg/m2 kilograms per square meter
kgf /ft2 or kg/ft2 kilograms per square foot
kgf /cm2 or kg/cm2 kilograms per square centimeter
N/ft2 Newtons per square foot
N/m2 Newtons per square meter (same as Pa)
N/in2 Newtons per square inch
m3 cubic meters
cm3 cubic centimeters
yd3 cubic yards
ft3 cubic feet
in3 cubic inches
liter liter
IMP gal imperial gallon
US gal US gallon
qt or quart quart
pt or pint pint
ml milliliter
fl oz fluid ounce
IMP oz imperial ounce
tbsp table spoon
tsp tea spoon
bu bushel
peck peck
fbm -  foot board measure
galC gallon C
barrels of oil -  barrels of oil
m2 square meters
cm2 square centimeters
yd2 square yards
ft2 square feet
in2 square inches
km2 square kilometers
ha hectare
a are
sm2 square statute miles
Nm2 square Nautical miles
acre acre
mil2 square mils
mm2 square millimeter
w or watts watts
hp (Metric) horsepower (Metric)
hp or hp(l)-  mechanical horsepower
ft x lb / s foot pound per second
ft x lb / min foot pound per minute
Btu / min -  British thermal units per minute
Btu / hr British thermal units per hour
erg / s ergs per second
kcal / s kilocalories per second
MeV / s Mega electron Volts per second
eV / s electron Volts per second
Btu / s British thermal units per second
Flow (Volume)
m3/s -  cubic meters per second
cm3/s -  cubic centimeters per second
ft3/s -  cubic feet per second
in3/s -  cubic inches per second
liter/s -  liters per second
US gal /s -  US gallons per second
IMP gal /s -  imperial gallons per second
qt/s or quart/s quarts per second
m3/min -  cubic meters per minute
cm3/min -  cubic centimeters per minute
ft3/min -  cubic feet per minute
in3/min -  cubic inches per minute
liter/min -  liters per minute
US gal /min -  US gallons per minute
IMP gal /min -  imperial gallons per minute
qt/min quarts per minute
m3/hr -  cubic meters per hour
cm3/hr -  cubic centimeters per hour
ft3/hr -  cubic feet per hour
in3/hr -  cubic inches per hour
liter/hr -  liters per hour
US gal /hr -  US gallons per hour
IMP gal /hr -  imperial gallons per hour
qt/hr or quart/hr quarts per hour
Flow (Mass)
kg/s -  kilograms per second
g/s grams per second
lb/s pounds per second
oz/s -  ounce per second
slug/s slug per second
kg/min -  kilograms per minute
g/min grams per minute
lb/min pounds per minute
oz/min -  ounce per minute
slug/min slug per minute
kg/hr -  kilograms per hour
g/hr grams per hour
lb/hr pounds per hour
oz/hr -  ounce per hour
slug/hr slug per hour
deg or o degrees
rad radians
grad gradian
arcmin or " -  minute of arc
arcsec or ' second of arc
m/s2 meters per second squared
ft/s2 feet per second squared
cm/s2 centimeter per second squared
in/s2 inches per second squared
km/s2 kilometers per second squared
sm/s2 statute miles per second squared
Nm/s2 Nautical miles per second squared
g's2 acceleration of gravity
m/min2 meters per minute squared
ft/min2 feet per minute squared
cm/min2 centimeters per minute squared
in/min2 inches per minute squared
km/min2 kilometers per minute squared
sm/min2 statute miles per minute squared
Nm/min2 kilometers per minute squared


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