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NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
  Main Page
Aviation Weather
Standard Briefing (METAR, TAFs, SIGMETS, etc.)
Unisys Weather
  Main Page
Aviation Schools Online
  Standard Briefing (links)

Free Aviation Manuals and Publications
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
  Main Page
Air Traffic Publications (AIM and other useful publications)
Pilot Training

Handbooks (Pilot training handbooks)
Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)
  Main Page
(Use this to access Federal Aviation Regulations)

AOPA - Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  Main Page
Air Safety Foundation (Free on-line courses and useful information of aviation safety)
National Association of Flight Instructors
  Main Page
EAA – Experimental Aircraft’s Association
  Main Page

Supplemental Calculations
U.S. Naval Observatory
  Main Page
Sunset/Rise Table
National Geophysical Data Center
  Main Page
Magnetic Declination/Variation
World Time Server
  Main Page

Flight Simulation
  Main Page
  Main Page
Britannic Charter Airlines (Virtual airlines)
  Main Page
Fly Away Simulation (Flight Simulation Portal)
  Main Page
Steven Airspace
  Main Page (Flight Simulator Airspace Information)

Aviation Jobs
  Main Page
Offers aviation personnel solutions, aviation jobs, airline jobs, pilot jobs.
  Main Page
Online job board focused on aviation and aerospace employment opportunities.
  Flight Schools and Aviation Education Web Sites
Abrams Aviation Seminars
  Main Page
(FAA Accelerated Written Test - Private through ATP)
Dulles Aviation - Manassas, VA, USA
  Main Page
(Awesome part 141 flight school)
Recreational Aviation Australia Inc.
  Main Page
(lots of good articles on aviation related topics)
  Main Page
(Very comprehensive web based aviation training supplement)
American Helicopters - Mananssas, VA, USA
  Main Page
(Part 141 Helicopter Training in Manassas, VA, USA)
North Ramp Aviation - Burlington, Vermont, USA
  Main Page
(Experienced aviation instruction)
Airline Ground Schools
  Main Page
(Specialized in airline dispatcher training)

iPad / iPhone Apps
ROTAIR Software - Logbook Tool
  Main Page
iTunes Page (where the App can be downloaded)

Other Aviation Web Sites
  Main Page
Flying tools for your portable device (e.g. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  Main Page
Airport Related News All Around the World
  Main Page
Presentations and information on flight safety and other aviation related subjects
  Main Page
Fractional Aircraft Ownership, Crew Leasing and Aircraft Management Company, based at Washington Dulles Int'l Airport
Clell & Donna's Rotorway 162F PRO SF Experimental Helicopter Site
  Main Page
Dave Ropers's Web site
  Link to interesting article on VOR navigation
(Interesting article on VOR navigation)
  Main Page
(Very detailed web site for the Boeing 737 and 767 systems and operation procedures)
  (A personal website of Joe Campbell and his family and includes very insightful articles on several aviation topics)
Article on VORs
IFR Diary
(A very nice article on the experience of learning how to fly instruments)
Jason Catanzariti's Web site
  Main Page
(Includes several articles on real world training experiences among useful information)

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