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Online Aviation Instrument Simulators + E6b, CR3 and other Flight Computer Calculators

Compact Instrument SimulatorOnline Compact Instrument Simulator (For Small Screens)
This simulator combines many of the features of our online simulators in a convenient and compact 766x563 pixel format. It allows for three simultaneous Navaids and two simultaneous navigation instruments, such as the VOR, RMI, ADF, and HSI. And best of all, it is free online. To proceed directly to the page, click here.

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Site Overview
This web site is your source for aviation calculations. All E6B, CR-3 and other flight computer calculations are featured. We are confident that you will find this site to have the best E6B emulator you will ever encounter on the web. Although this site should not be used for actual flight planning, it is a great learning tool.

Also available are several free Flash based interactive applications, including a Pitot Static System Simulator, HSI, RMI, NDB, and VOR simulators. You may find these in the Online Simulators section.

Before you begin to use this web site, please read and understand the disclaimer.

Free Online Instrument Simulators
As browsers and computers are getting more sophisticated it's now possible to have very complete web-based instrument simulators. You can see for example how the Pitot static system is affected by icing, or you can try flying VOR Simulator Version 3a holding pattern in our VOR simulator. Some simulators offer different versions that can be chosen according to your computer's screen size and processing power. For the VOR, HSI, RMI, and ADF simulators there are three versions. Version 1 works well if you have a smaller screen like 800 x 600 pixels and just want to show what happens to the instrument display when the aircraft position changes in relation to a navaid. If your monitor is 1024 x 768 pixels, version 2 allows you actually “fly” the aircraft. For example, you can intercept a radial or perform a course reversal maneuver. Version 3 allows someone with a faster computer and with a monitor with 1280 x 1024 pixels or more to simulate very realistic navigation. In addition to seeing navigation instrument variables, you also can see interdependent changes in the 6 basic instruments.

Navigation Simulator for PC Windows (Now Free)
For those who would like to quickly learn or teach the basics of instrument flying without having to deal with complicated and cumbersome flight controls or simulators that are not specifically designed. Use three simultaneousNavigation Simulator - Dual Panel Viewnavaids plus an intersection. All of the most common navigation and basic instruments including airspeed indicator, attitude indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, HSI, VOR, vertical speed indicator, RMI (capable of tuning two simultaneous navaids), heading indicator, ADF, and DME (with distance, speed and ETA). For more information visit There is also now an online version of the Navigation Simulator that can be used directly in your browser. It is almost identical to the Windows PC version, with a few limitations, such as not being able to save scenarios, in a file in addition to some slight incompatibilities. The online version also allows you to use a MAC, Windows, or Linux OS. Even though the online version works great, If you have a Windows PC, the PC version will deliver the best user experience. Please visit the Presentations section for comprehensive video demonstrations.

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 Navigation Simulator (Online Ver)
 Online VOR Simulator
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      Version 2 (1024 x 768)
      Version 3 (1280 x 1024)
 Online RMI Simulator
      Version 1 (800 x 600)
      Version 2 (1024 x 768)
      Version 3 (1280 x 1024)
 Online Pitot Static Simulator  Calculate True Airspeed  Calculate True Altitude  Wind Triangle  Weight & Balance Sheet  Mach Number  Online Conversions

Aviation Calculations
In this section you will find flight computer calculations including the ones performed by an E6B or CR-3 Flight Computers, E6B and CR3 Slide Rulescircular computer. It is divided into five sections:
Altimetry for calculating true altitude, pressure altitude, density altitude, true airspeed, Mach number, and several other related calculations. Wind and Time - Speed - Distance (TSD) for magnetic course, true course, ground speed, wind, crosswind components, time en route, fuel, and many others.
Weight & Balance for calculating longitudinal and lateral weight and balance, center of gravity (CG), ballast, and more.
Radius of action calculations also known as Point of Safe Return (PSR) calculations for moving target intercept, calculations related to flying and returning to the same base, flying and returning to an alternate base, flying and returning to a moving base, and Radius of Action Returning to Moving Alternate Base.
Miscellaneous covers climb and descent gradients, standard rate, load factor, and any other not covered in the previous sections.

Online Conversions
Quickly convert weight & force, distance & length, temperature, time, speed, pressure & load, volume, area, mass, power, energy & work, flow (volume), flow (mass), angle, and acceleration. This page is designed so that you can type any one unit that you like and instantly have that converted to all of the other units.

Standard Atmosphere
Aviation instruments and aerodynamic calculations many times reference a mathematical model of the Earth's atmosphere.1976 Standard Atmosphere serves as a model to standardize and make such calculations practical since the real atmosphere is too variable and unpredictable. This site provides all 28 functions / properties up to 86 km as outlined by the standard, including the inverse of all those functions (the equivalent of 378 function combinations). In addition a visual representation of all functions is also available in the Standard Atmosphere graphs section.

12 and 24 hour Aviation Style
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For a comprehensive list of all functions please refer to the Site Map. If you find this site helpful please feel free to link it to your website or tell your friends and colleagues about it. Your support is greatly appreciated! This site was inaugurated on November 02, 2005.

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  Free Online Simulators
No installation required. These simulators are ready to run on your web browser and have a rich set of features. Practice basic VOR, ADF, RMI and HSI intrument orientation and execute holding patterns. Other simulators include pitot static system and altimeter errors. Click here to go to main online simulator page.

  Navigation Simulator
Practice in our simulator specifically designed for learning the basics of instrument navigation. Try the Navigation Simulator, available for Windows PC. Now completely free. There is also an online version that runs directly on this website, and can be viewed on a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux OS. Note: the Windows PC version of the simulator has its own self-contained Flash, so it works without Flash being installed and is not subject to the Adobe Flash discontnuation / end of life.
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